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Seekonk Locksmith: About Our Services
Our Locksmith services are as diverse as our customers. Read below to find out about our different locksmith services.

Residential Locksmith: Locksmith services for your home and rental properties. We change locks, repair broken locks, and install a wide array of diverse lock systems. From front door locks, to garage door locks, and locks for your cabinets and more. Common locksmith services include changing locks after moving into a new home, repair locks that are broken or malfunction, replacing broken or missing keys, and more. Seekonk Locksmith for all your home locksmith needs.

Commercial Locksmith: For all types of business, Seekonk Locksmith offers a wide array of commercial locksmith services for industrial and commercial buildings. From panic exit devices to access control, we do it all. Seekonk Locksmith can repair your existing storefront lock hardware or install new locks, the possibilites are limitless. We can maintain your exisiting lock system or update it for a more modern security system.

Lockout Service: It happens to everyone sooner or later. Thankfully, we offer lockout services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether your keys are locked inside a vehicle, or inside of your home, Seekonk Locksmith can get you in quickly, safely, and affordably. Many causes for lockouts include keys breaking as you insert them inside a lock or from excessive wear, lock malfunction or breakage, or keys being stolen or misplaced. Seekonk Locksmith is your emergency locksmith.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Locksmith Questions
Q: I lost the keys to my house, can you help me?
A: Yes, we can replace your keys on the spot, without the need for replacing locks.

Q: I just moved into a new home and don't know who had the keys before me. Can you change the locks?
A: Yes we can, we can change the key that opens your locks to ensure only your new key will open them.

Q: We would like to add an extra layer of security to our business, what can you do for us?
A: Good question. The most popular option is to add a deadbolt to each door. A deadbolt adds excellent burglar protection for a home or business.

Seekonk Locksmith  508-503-8449

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